Who We Are

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Kate Young

Kate Young is a facilitator, certified coach, and instructor. Having spent the last several years working with GannonConsult, a leadership training consultancy out of Boston. She has traveled nationally, training future leaders.  As an instructor, you will enjoy her down to earth and personal touch. Kate's role enables her to join quiet conversations and listen for connections between your story and the course work. 

As a coach she will support you in setting goals and making progress on your personal and professional plans. Ever encouraging, Kate brings a passion for connection and meaning to every project.

Kate has a Level II coaching certification from the Kansas Leadership Center,  a B.S. from the University of Massachusetts, is certified in DiSC and EQ-I assessments,  a member of the International Coaching Federation and is pursuing her International Coaching Federation certification. 

Kate and her husband, Damon Young, are active in many charitable and civic groups.  She believes that building communities begins at home where she and her husband thoughtfully raise their children. Damon and Kate are proud of their work to open a non-profit, The Meeting House in Sedgwick, KS. This community coffee shop offers a safe place for students, a place for the greater community to enjoy music, art and cultural events.



Damon Young

Damon Young has a passion for ideas and people and the connections they make to bring us together. Additionally, he seeks to leverage those ideas and relationships to make progress on difficult challenges. Damon brings to Mayday Group a background in rhetoric, ministry, and construction. These diverse experiences have taught him to listen, engage and connect with his clients. Damon serves Mayday Group as a mentor, motivational speaker and trainer. An All-American Debate Champion, Damon enjoys healthy discourse and open exchange of ideas. Look for Damon to encourage and challenge and engage with you.

In addition to his work with Mayday Group, Damon is Vice President of Mahaney Roofing Company and in that role thinks about the development of the frontline workforce from a strategic standpoint. Mahaney Roofing Company’s initiation of frontline training and leadership development for their employees has been revolutionary in transforming their business but perhaps more importantly the lives and families of those that work at Mahaney. The company was recognized as the Small Business of the Year by the Wichita Chamber of Commerce in 2017. Damon Young is a proud member of his local Business Community in Wichita Kansas. His passion for service and leadership is reflected by his involvement on local and regional boards.

Damon Young has a degree in Organizational Management and Leadership from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas. Is certified through the Kansas Leadership Center. He is married to Kate Young. They have children ranging in ages from 4 – 18

What We Believe

We believe you were created with a purpose. You possess a unique set of strengths and talents and are capable of more than you think.