MayDay Group is our way of using our talents to equip and support others. We believe that sometimes we need a little inspiration and encouragement.

Kate Young is a nationally experienced leadership trainer, facilitator and professional Coach. She has worked with Gannon Consult for the last decade offering multi-day leadership courses within the transportation industry. She continues her work with Gannon Consult and loves transit, believing in the importance of the difficult and necessary services transportation provides everyday in communities large and small.

Kate is the Coaching and Training Program Supervisor at HopeNet in Wichita, Kansas. HopeNet is a faith based, non profit that provides mental health services on a sliding scale. In heading up the Training and Coaching department of HopeNet, Kate leads training seminars and workshops designed to empower leaders, strengthen teams and promote community wellness. She is a  Level 2 certified Leadership Coach, helping leaders and executives create customized plans to live with purpose, influence and a clear vision of their next step.

Kate's role as a facilitator enables her to join quiet conversations and listen for connections. As an instructor, you will enjoy her down to earth and personal touch. Kate is a passionate facilitator, able to preside over constructive conversations that lead to increased teamwork, improved communication and company-wide collaboration. Her ability to see situations and conflicts from a 360 degree viewpoint allows her ask clarifying questions that find common ground.
Kate and her husband started MayDay Group in 2018, as a way to bring together their passion for community, personal growth and their Christian faith. 

Certified in Disc and EQ-i 2.0.

Kate is proud to be an Adjunct Professor at Rutgers University, as well.

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Damon Young is a proud member of the Kansas Business Community with a passion for service, workforce development and leadership.He is on the Board of Directors of the Wichita and Kansas Chambers of Commerce and other industry specific boards.

Damon and his wife Kate were in youth ministry early on in their marriage before entering the private sector and have in recent years helped to form a non-profit in Sedgwick, KS called “The Meeting House”, through this ministry they are giving the community of Sedgwick a safe place to spend time and have community events in a Coffee Shop environment as well as promote art and cultural events for the community.

Damon’s diverse background of collegiate debate, Christian ministry, and business leadership inform a unique perspective that he brings to Mayday as he speaks and writes on topics that impact individuals, businesses, and community organizations. Expect Damon to offer unique insight and ‘challenge the room’ as he shares with your team or organization.  

As vice president of Mahaney Roofing Company, Damon leads his organization’s sales, business development efforts. He has a degree in organizational management and leadership from Friends University. Damon is happily married) and has 5 children ranging in ages from 18-5 years of age.