Your Platform is Powerful...puppets or politics

You have a platform and we want to hear from you...all of you. 

You can be a world changer if you use YOUR platform. Often times we hear folks complaining about the state of the world and culture. I assume those complaints are based in a view or vision of a better world. However, maybe you are like me and you haven't noticed complaining introducing much movement toward that vision. Have you observed complaining making things better?  

Seeing the problems is not difficult. Complaining about them is basically just another form of tearing down or pulling down our energy and collective will power, in my opinion. Whereas doing something about the problem and using your unique platform to speak life, hope, and joy into the world perhaps can make it a little better. 

I think the trick is you have to use YOUR platform. Maybe you are saying I don't have a platform. Nice try. But, I'm not buying it. And that is my first point, we all have a platform. Find yours. Maybe its to a friend battling mental illness or depression. Or maybe its to someone at a cross roads or a big decision. Or maybe it is just good ol' fashioned encouragement. You do have a platform and there are a million thoughts and doubts that keep us from using it, but look for it. 

My second thought is that it is OK to bring 'all of you' to the world. In my opinion, its more than OK, its absolutely needed. We need to hear your serious side, your joking side, all of the different hats you wear give you lots of perspective and energy that will benefit each of us. None of us need to compartmentalize ourselves and express these micro percentages of our true selves to our world. I know it's scary and I know it is easier to put on a mask, but I contend that we are all better off to know more of each other and not just the masked versions. 

So, moral of the story? Look for your platforms and let some of your quirky hidden aspects shine as you share the gifts that God gave you. The alternative (and I know this from experience) is complaining and wearing a mask. I encourage you to step onto your platform and share your self with the world, it'll be scary, but worth it in the end. 

I shared a photo of me getting to use my platform yesterday doing a TV spot for a political candidate and also helping with 'show and tell' for my daughter Hope's kindergarten class. Two platforms, two different aspects of me. One joy at the end of the day.