Is there more you know you can achieve?

Yes! The answer is Yes. It is time to have a coaching conversation. 

Professional Coaching is distinctly different from other conversations. Coaching is about the important questions, active listening that reflects your convictions, your goals, and your purpose. It is in these conversations you will learn about yourself in a new way and be empowered to make lasting changes to improve. You have the answers, and with the right coaching you will discover them.

I am passionate about helping you get unstuck. A little support will go a long way. I am looking forward to seeing all the places you will go.

“ Kate allowed me to see how much knowledge and expertise I have. It gave me confidence in myself.”  -client, Dallas, Texas
"Kate was great! Made me feel worth listening to!” -client, Austin,Texas Leadership Conference



How does Professional Coaching work?

You will be working with Kate Young, a Level II certified coach from the Kansas Leadership Center, experienced in working with many clients across a diverse set of backgrounds, professions, and interests.

You will start with a one-hour session with Kate by phone where you will determine your professional and/or personal goals and discuss your current situation. A Professional Coaching plan will be determined from there. 



Session: $125/hour